E-books & Long-form Content

According to a 2021 content marketing survey, longer is definitely better when it comes to driving traffic and engagement. While articles and blog posts between 900 to 1,200 words are standard, articles that weigh in at 7,000 words or more drive four times as much traffic and 43% more shares than standard-length articles. Articles over 1,500 words all tended to perform better than shorter articles in terms of traffic and shares, with articles between 1,200 and 1,500 words receiving the most backlinks.

Long-form content, such as “ultimate guides” or e-books that provide comprehensive coverage of a topic that’s relevant to your customers’ interests also offer the advantage of setting you up as an authority in your industry or niche. And while extra-long articles and blog posts increase both traffic and the amount of time eyeballs remain on your website, e-books make excellent lead magnets for onboarding website visitors into your sales funnel, where you can convert them to customers and clients.

Not all B2C content marketing writers have the creative stamina or the organizational skills to write longform marketing content and do it well. But as an author of multiple novels as well as full-length non-fiction, higher word counts are right in my wheel house. I can also ghost write your content, putting your name or brand name on it and matching your style and voice.

Additional Services

I’m also available for shorter articles and blog posts, as well as SEO web page copy, infographic copy, YouTube description copy and newsletters and lead magnets. I’m a ghost writer for hire for blogs as well as books.

SEO Content Refresh

From time to time, older content needs an update to remain relevant and continue driving traffic and engagement. I can freshen up old web pages or blog posts to make sure the information they provide is current, they’re ranking for the right key words and targeting the right customers, and they’re not relying on outdated sources or directing your visitors to broken links.

Not sure what you need? A content strategy consultation can help get you started on the right foot.

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