SEO Content & Web Copy

As a freelance B2C content marketing writer, I write engaging content that is optimized to attract relevant search engine traffic and provide value and connection to your target customer that will increase confidence in your business or brand.

Whether you need articles or blog posts, listicles, SEO web page copy, YouTube description copy or infographic copy, I can provide you with timely, relevant content that drives targeted traffic and builds brand awareness, engagement and trust.

Additional Services

I’m also available for long-form content such as feature articles, ultimate guides and e-books, as well as newsletters and lead magnets. And I’m a ghost writer for hire for blogs as well as books.

SEO Content Refresh

From time to time, older content needs an update to remain relevant and continue driving traffic and engagement. I can freshen up old web pages or blog posts to make sure the information they provide is current, they’re ranking for the right key words and targeting the right customers, and they’re not relying on outdated sources or directing your visitors to broken links.

Not sure what you need? A content strategy consultation can help get you started on the right foot.

Ready to work with me to start growing your brand’s reach? Click here to tell me what you have in mind.